WRingle – Authors

Imagine…an eReader integrated with social media…and so much more!

Attention Authors: Marketing your books just got easier!

In WRingle, Readers can tell their friends about your books with a simple click or tap. No more searching for links or book covers!

And user genre preferences & reading activity will help readers find the books they love…automatically!

No Restrictive Pricing

WRingle will earn you 70% royalty rates NO MATTER WHAT YOU PRICE YOUR BOOKS.

From 99¢ to $99, the flat royalty rate for your books will be 70%.

This is Just the Beginning!

Some of the features we are launching as WRingle grows will include…

WRingle Jingles

In-app currency, which readers can earn for paying cash for books. 

Authors who sell select titles for WRingle Jingles can use this currency for advertising in our system. GREAT for authors who have little-to-no advertising budgets or who wish to save up Jingles for reader giveaways!

Review Status

Readers who leave reviews will be rewarded in WRingle and higher status points are earned for ARCs! 

AND reviews will show what percentage of the book has been read in the WRingle WReader as the verified status. No more hated “verified purchased” status or “I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review” crap. FREEDOM!

Team Management & List Distribution

Authors can easily gift their books to their Review or Street Teams, see their read status, get links to team reviews on the author’s books in the group stats, and distribute ARCs only to their Review Team with peace of mind. Authors can track Street Team members’ social media shares and award high performers.

BETA Testing

Authors will be able to collaborate with readers for feedback regarding their WIPs as well as conduct random cover and blurb testing in our environment to see which covers and blurbs are performing the best for higher sales results.

WRingle Mingles

Our more efficient and productive version of Facebook parties. Authors can pre-schedule posts, giveaways, book coupons and Mingle-only discounts, games and polls for online parties so authors have more time to interact with readers. And take-overs will be a breeze with coordinator settings.

Since our WRingle WReader is integrated with our social media, all WRingle Mingle activities are tied in with the books you have published through our site, encouraging sales and reading activity.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg!

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About This Site

WRingle – Where Writers & Readers Mingle

WRingle is a social media platform, an eReader and online bookstore all in one mobile app.

We are currently in development and this website is our springboard for setting up the platform and launching the application.

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