What is WRingle?

A social media app for Book Lovers!

We’re combining a social media platform with an eReader and bookstore ALL IN ONE to writers and readers can more easily socialize and share about books.

We are currently in development. See below for investment opportunities and updates.

NEWS: Kickstarter Postponed

For those following the Kickstarter Campaign we planned on running from May 23 – June 28: It has been postponed in favor of more exciting developments. We will keep everyone posted.

Authors: All Your Tools in One Place

No need to buy several subscription options to distribute your books, build your fan base or run giveaways and promotions. You can do it all in WRingle. Join our list to keep updated.

Readers: Socialize Easier

Socializing about books will be seamless in WRingle. We will be giving 80 million GoodReads users an alternative that finally works like a real social media platform. Join our list to keep updated.

Reviewers: Have More Options

Fully formatted reviews with GIFs, video and images. The ability to set reminders for reviews and automatically notify authors when your review is posted. Join our list to keep updated.

Investment Opportunities

Don’t you wish you were part of the inception of Google, Facebook, Amazon or any of those other successful businesses that were startup ventures? Well here’s your chance! 

WRingle is Going to be

THE Social Media Platform

for Book Lovers.

Imagine that Facebook and Kindle had a baby with superpowers. That’s WRingle!

WRingle is a niche business. Businesses who serve niche markets thrive through innovation and the ability to focus on their customers. The niche market WRingle serves is Book Lovers. Competition doesn’t scare us, even if it comes in the form of a 500 lb. gorilla (cough-Amazon-cough) because we’re not interested in taking away their customers. We’re only interested in providing higher quality of service and a personal relationship with our audience.

Authors can publish on multiple platforms. We’ll just be another online retailer for their books.

Readers use multiple eReaders to consume books. We’ll just be another eReader.

Reviewers can leave reviews on multiple sites. We’ll just be another reviewing platform.

People socialize on multiple social media sites. We’ll just be another social media outlet.

But we’ll be there for them.

We’ll build solid relationships with them.

We’ll provide better products, better services, better tools.

And we’ll do it all in one place.

If you would like to be updated on developments or you’re interested in investment opportunities…



About This Site

WRingle – Where Writers & Readers Mingle

WRingle is a social media platform, an eReader and online bookstore all in one mobile app.

We are currently in development and this website is our springboard for setting up the platform and launching the application.

Be sure to sign up for our mailing list to be kept up to date on developments, giveaways, crowd-source funding campaigns and launch events.