How to Reduce Email Unsubscribe Rates

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How to Reduce Email Unsubscribe Rates

Fan Functions Further Explained

Fans are people who want to hear from you directly. Your timeline activity will still show up in their news feed, just like a Follower. But a Fan will immediately be asked to select options about how much they want to hear from you via a small pop-up with these options…

  • New Release Notices – Anytime you publish a book in WRingle, a notification will be sent to everyone who checks this option AND the notification will have a direct link for them to buy your book or pre-order it inside WRingle.
  • WRingle Fan Messages – We plan on creating an internal messaging system in WRingle that will operate very similar to a newsletter with a mailing list service, but for a heckuvalot less! Any lead magnets you have will already be in WRingle, so you can link any book – published or private content – and when readers click on the book, it will automatically be sent directly to their WRingle WReader. No links to files, no separate downloads for your fans. No paying an extra service (like BookFunnel or ProlificWorks) to host your freebies.
  • Subscribe to a Series – If you have a series – or more than one – readers will have the choice to be notified when the next book in a series is released. Similar to the New Release Notices, the series notice will have a direct link to your book in the WRingle store.

Additionally, when a reader finishes a book, they will have the option of becoming a Fan and getting the above options. If the book they’ve finished continues in the next book, they’ll get the buy link. If the book is at the end of a series and you already have plans to write more, they’ll have the option to subscribe to that series.

WRingle – the All-In-One Solution

We asked the question, “If we had a single platform that had all the tools we needed to market our books, what would that look like?” And that’s how WRingle was born.

WRingle will be…

  • a social media platform
  • an eReader app
  • an online bookstore
  • a self-publishing platform
  • an eBook distribution tool (same concept at BookFunnel or ProlificWorks without sending files outside of WRingle)

We’ll even have WRingle gift cards so you will have the piece of mind that your gift card incentives will truly be going toward books or book-related merchandise, as opposed to an Amazon card being used to buy everything else and maybe books.

And coupons will give you the control of promoting your books without having to constantly drop your prices.

This is only the tip of the iceberg! If you want to see WRingle become a reality, watch our Kickstarter video to learn more…

If the video isn’t available visit https://wringle.me/backus

CLICK HERE NOW to support us on Kickstarter and we can change the publishing industry TOGETHER!

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