How to Reduce Email Unsubscribe Rates

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How to Reduce Email Unsubscribe Rates


MailChimp is very linear and I almost gave up on creating a full solution. There are no if/then split opportunities, so I had to outsmart the Monkey another way. It’s kinda tricky, so I’m going to have to spell it out. A LOT of authors are using MailChimp, so it was worth the effort to persevere.

In MailChimp, you need to create a group and then at least one grouping. For this example: “Soft Leads” is the name of the group and “New Lead Induction” is the name of the grouping. This will be handy if you wish to create several different automations for various inductions. Example: This “New Lead Induction” group could be used for general soft lead inductions. But if you have a BookFunnel or ProlificWorks lead magnet and want to specifically address the book they received, then you create another grouping called something like, “BookFunnel – Lead Magnet 1.”

MailChimp - Automation to Reduce Email Unsubscribe Rates
Fig. 3 – Click to Enlarge

The automation illustrated here has the following workflow:

  1. Create your welcome message with your link to the “successfully unsubscribed” page on your site.
  2. Set the trigger for this message by clicking the “edit” link (see diagram) and then “edit trigger” link. Look for the “Audience management” tab to select “Joins Group”. This will then send the welcome message out as soon as you add your lists to the “New Induction Leads” grouping.
  3. Create your Unsubscribe Confirmation message.
  4. Set the trigger for this message by clicking the “edit” link (see diagram) and then “edit trigger” link. Look for the “Workflow activity” tab – a specific link clicked in previous message. The specific link will be the “unsubscribe” link going to your successfully unsubscribed page.
  5. So…this second message will ONLY go out if someone clicked the special unsubscribe button/link you created in the Welcome message.
  6. ALSO on the second message, add a “post-send action” to unsubscribe them from your list.
  7. Create one more message that welcomes them to your Reader Club, letting them know the benefits.
  8. This was the tricky part. You have to set the trigger for the waiting period (8 days in this example), but the delay has to be AFTER you added them to the “New Induction Leads” grouping. MailChimp will not allow you to wait a certain period after you send the first message.
  9. You also need to add a “Filter by segment or tag” condition. Click the “edit” link and set the conditions seen in Fig. 4.
  10. Finally, add a “Post-send action” that adds them to your Reader Club group, which could trigger another automation to put new subscribers through your backlist of books.
Fig. 4 – Click to Enlarge

Whew! I know this was a long post, so thanks for hanging in there.

But wouldn’t it be easier if you didn’t HAVE to create such workarounds?? Here’s how WRingle is going to solve this problem of collecting “soft leads” and giving you genuine fans of your books.

Followers, Fans & Friends

Let’s face it, people are getting tired of an inbox full of emails, and yet they still want to know when the authors they’re reading release their next book. So WRingle will allow people to select their level of interest by choosing to be a Follower, a Fan or a Friend. Lemme ‘splain, Lucy.

Each user will have three social groups. Followers will see your updates on their public feed. Fans will specify which messages they receive (more on this in a moment) so sending direct messages to your Fans will be a breeze. Friends are people you personally know. Fellow authors, reader pals, family and that oddball cousin who’s off her noodle but, turns out, she never fails to spot awesome books.

Your number of Followers and Fans will be publicly displayed on your profile. Friends are private and the number will not be displayed. No limits apply to the number of Followers, Fans or Friends you can have.  

WRingle’s is the Solution – Not the Workaround – NEXT

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