How to Reduce Email Unsubscribe Rates

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How to Reduce Email Unsubscribe Rates


The automation illustrated here has the following workflow:

MailerLite - Automation to Reduce Email Unsubscribes
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  1. In MailerLite, you would have created a group called “Soft Leads” or whatever you wanted (we did “Test Group” for the tutorial). When you import your leads, you will be assigning them to this group you created.
  2. Importing them will trigger the welcome message, which has the link to the “successfully unsubscribed” page you created.
  3. Unfortunately, you cannot attach an immediate action if they click the link. But this will come later in the automation.
  4. You must give people time to respond to the welcome message, so you need to insert a delay. Otherwise, they will be moved through the workflow immediately upon sending the welcome message. In this example, we set a delay of 7 days.
  5. MailerLite allows you to set a workflow activity (similar to ActiveCampaign’s If/Then condition). In this example, we’re checking to see if the user clicked on the unsubscribe link after the 7-day waiting period.
    • Thumbs Up/YES – If they DID click the unsubscribe link, then they get the confirmation message that they were unsubscribed with the resubscribe link in case they change their mind. The bummer is they get it 7 days AFTER they clicked the unsubscribe if they clicked that link on the first day. Better late than never, huh? :\
    • Thumbs Down/NO – If they did NOT click the link, this illustrated workflow moves them from the Test Group to the All Announcements & Freebies group where another automation starts.
  6. End of automation.

MailChimp is NEXT

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