How to Reduce Email Unsubscribe Rates

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How to Reduce Email Unsubscribe Rates

Active Campaign

ActiveCampaign is by far the most superior of the automations in functionality and options. Comparatively speaking, it’s a little more expensive than MailChimp AFTER you’ve gained over 2000 subscribers. However, you are definitely getting more functions, support and options with ActiveCampaign, so it’s worth the money IMHO.

If you have a list less than 2000 and you don’t have the budget to spend $20-50/mo on mailing list services, then MailerLite is your best option – 2500 subscribers is $15/mo AND it has better automations than MailChimp.

But let’s talk about ActiveCampaign (AC) and the automation you need for this project. In AC, you’re creating a LIST (not a group). AC lets you create multiple lists and “tags” help keep track of where your leads came from. We personally use these a LOT, marking a subscriber’s profile depending on what links they click or where they came from to help us perform follow-up messages based on their interests.

The automation illustrated here has the following workflow:

ActiveCampaign - Automation to Reduce Email Unsubscribe Rates
Fig. 1 – Click to Enlarge
  1. Leads are imported into the soft leads list (see diagram: in this case, “Test List”)
  2. During the import, we add the following tag: “Fall Giveaway promo” so we know where the leads came from
  3. Importing the leads to this test list triggers that very first box at the top of the screenshot “Contact subscribes to list Test List”, which funnels them down to the second box.
  4. Box 2 in the workflow sends them the welcome message and we have an “unsubscribe” button, which is linked to our “successfully unsubscribed” page.
  5. Notice the note about how actions can be attached to links (see diagram).
  6. The workflow stops at the next (white) delay box and we put a hold for UP TO 7 days, giving the users a chance to react to the message. This delay allows an immediate action if the user clicks the unsubscribe button within the 7 days, which bypasses the total 7-day wait time and moves them to the next step.
  7. We then insert a condition workflow – If/Then Condition (see diagram).
  8. If the person DOES click the unsubscribe link, they are forwarded down the YES path. If 7 days passes and they did NOT click the unsubscribe link, then they are forwarded down the NO path.
    • YES – They’ll get their official “you have been unsubscribed” message, but we give them a chance to resubscribe if they change their mind with a resubscribe link. The automation ends there.
    • NO – they are moved through the final actions for this automation.
  9. The user is subscribed to our main list (this example adds them to the “DOGS LIST”)
  10. Their profile is updated to show their subscription options (in this case “All Announcements & Freebies” as opposed to our “New Releases ONLY” option).
  11. They are then sent to another automation, which you can use to funnel subscribers through your backlist of book titles.
  12. Automation comes to an end.

Bonus Tip: Using Tags

In the above example, every person imported into our list received the tag “Fall Giveaway promo”. Tags can be used for reporting purposes to help you weigh the effectiveness of your campaigns by seeing how many people with that tag unsubscribed after 3 months.

You can also create a segment of people with a certain tag to send them a specific message, like anyone who clicked on a link showing interest in a certain topic or social media link. Automations can be triggered by tags in AC, so there are a hundred things you can to to keep your audience engaged!

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