How to Reduce Email Unsubscribe Rates

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How to Reduce Email Unsubscribe Rates

Reduce Email Unsubscribe Rates

Use this link-action method to help reduce email unsubscribe rates, which can get your account banned or suspended.

When do you need this? If you do group projects for list building or giveaways, you may be increasing your chances of getting a lot of unsubscribes once an event is over and you import your large list of participants who may have just joined for a chance at prizes. These are “soft leads” – people you’re not sure will be sticking around, so you might have a mass exodus. When that happens, your email unsubscribe rates go up…and that’s a bad thing.

WRingle will solve this problem once it’s up and running, as we’ll have a much easier way for you to build your fan base of genuine readers. But more about that at the end of the post. In the meantime, you’ll need to use this workaround.

  • Experience Level: Intermediate
  • Requirements:
    • A mailing list service (like ActiveCampaign or MailerLite)
    • A website or a blog
    • A list of leads you’re ready to import
  • Skills Required: Must know how to…
    • Import leads into your mailing list service
    • Create a new list or group for your mailing list service
    • Create hyperlinks on a blog or website
    • Create a new page for your site
    • OR have someone you know who knows how to do these tasks

Don’t let this scare you. If you leave a question in the comments below, we can try to answer them or point you in the right direction for your specific situation. Let’s get started!

3 Objectives to Help Reduce Email Unsubscribe Rates

We’ll go into greater detail below about how to complete these three objectives, but here’s and overview…

  1. Create an “unsubscribe” web page on your site or blog
  2. Create a “Soft Leads” list/group in your mailing list service
  3. Create a simple welcome automation in your mailing list

When you’ve completed these objectives, you’ll have the following workflow set up…

  1. Whenever you import a large list of leads, you can import them into your newly created “Soft Leads” group/ list
  2. This list will receive a welcome message through the automation you’ll be creating. That welcome message will give them a chance to unsubscribe with your special link.
  3. IF someone clicks on that unsubscribe button/link you provide, it will take them to the “successfully unsubscribed” page you’ll be making on your site/blog.
  4. That link will have an action attached to it: If they click on the link, it will automatically unsubscribe them from your list.
  5. If they don’t click on that list after a certain period of time, the automation will automatically move those leads into you main list. Alternatively, you can funnel them into another automation to perform further filtering (not covered in this post).

Why not just have them click on the usual unsubscribe link?” you ask.

Because when they unsubscribe using the method above, it will be recorded in your mailing list system as the ADMIN having completed the unsubscribe…not the customer.

If YOU (the Admin) do a bunch of unsubscribes at once, your mailing list service won’t send you a nasty gram or threaten to ban your account. The method we’re describing here still allows those users to unsubscribe on their own, but you won’t get dinged.

“Is this legal?” you ask. “Won’t I get in trouble if I set this up?”

Nope! In fact, we learned this tip from a customer support person from at least two mailing list services. So this is totally within their guidelines and policies.

Objective 1: Create an Unsubscribe Page – NEXT

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