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Announcing– (*throws up*)

Ever have the jitters? Ever been so excited about something you can’t decide if you want to jump up and down or grab the nearest pail and hurl? Well…that’s how I feel. My husband? He’s as cool as a cucumber.

Our dreams are about to come to true with the following announcement…

Introducing WRingle!

WRingle – Where Writers & Readers Mingle

Before we went public with the information, while my husband and I were deep into planning WRingle, I was like…

And my husband was like…

And then when we were finally ready to let the cat out of the bag and start spreading the word, he was like…

And now I’m like…

Why? Because even though I couldn’t wait to tell everyone about WRingle and how we are going to take the publishing industry by storm…now we have to deliver! OMG it’s out there! *time to hurl*

But I’m still like…

What is WRingle?

The short answer is WRingle is a social media platform, eReader and online bookstore all rolled into one convenient mobile app. It’s kinda like Facebook, GoodReads & Amazon all wrapped up into one complete package…only better!

What’s in it For Readers?

We’re creating an eReader – the WRingle WReaderspecifically for devoted Book Wyrms (wyrm = a dragon, particularly one without legs or wings). This isn’t just an eReader. The WRingle WReader will give Mighty Book Wyrms tools they would normally expect, but also tools they’ve been begging for!

  • Custom Book Shelves – and some default ones like TBR Pile, Reviews – Due, Reviews – Done, Done Pile (books automatically get added to the “done” piles when you rate a book or mark it completed)…and more.
  • Syncing Across Devices – Read on your iPad, Android smart phone and your computer? We are not only striving to have the app created for all platforms, but when you create your account, your books will be available in our cloud storage – for free – and WRingle will automatically save your place and pick up where you left off if you read your book on another device.
  • New Sorting Options – sort by genre, sub-genre, sub-sub-genre, series chronological order, series published order, favorites…and more
  • Scrolling Text – for those who like a continuously scrolling book but also automatic scrolling…so you can put your book down and read while you eat, knit, crochet…whatever!
  • Multiple File Formats – The WRingle WReader will accept ePub, Mobi, AZW file formats to load all your eBooks and enjoy all the WRingle WReader features. (DRM might still be an issue – FYI)
  • Review Management Tools – Reviewers can now schedule books, prioritize them, sort them by due dates, have note-taking tools with formatting to easily integrate into their reviews, and more.
  • Easy-Tap Sharing on Social Media – Imagine reading an inspiring passage from a book and you want to share. Just highlight the passage and from the context menu that appears, just TAP/CLICK the SHARE button. The quote will instantly be posted on your WRingle timeline WITH the book cover and WITH a link to the book in the WRingle store. And if your have an affiliate account, we’ll use your affiliate link.
  • Moodicons in Books – Imagine reading a book and reaching a scene that causes you to burst into laughter or tears or fury. Just highlight the emotional passage that generated your mood and when the context menu appears, tap the smiley face button to bring up the Moodicons palette to select which emoticon matches your mood. Moodicons can be shared instantly on your WRingle timeline and will automatically have #AmReading added to your post, along with the book title, cover and link to the book. Also, Moodicons will be tallied under the books in our store to show people at a glance how they’re enjoying the book.
  • ONLY Book-Related Ads in WRingle – and if you already read the books in WRingle, you won’t see ads for those books either. A friend asked us, “Wait…so you’re telling me if Tide wanted to pay you $2M to run an ad for their laundry detergent, you wouldn’t take the money???” We said, “NOPE! Only book-related ads.” And my husband further clarified, “If Tide wants to write a book called 101 Ways to Remove Stubborn Stains with Tide, then they can run an ad for their book. But no ads for laundry detergent!” Wine and chocolate are being seriously considered since they are so closely related to books and writing. Leave a comment below to tell us your thoughts on this.

What’s in it for Authors?

No more having to use a hundred different tools to market your books! And we’re working very hard to design WRingle so that your books will automatically get in front of the right readers. Read on…

  • Book Discovery Tools – In addition to keywords and genre categories, Book Characteristics will be another way authors can focus on the audience of readers who would enjoy their writing. When publishing a book in WRingle, Authors will be able to put a tick next to check boxes like magical items, single dad, billionaire romance, slasher villain, 80s pop culture, dystopian world…and so much more to further define the content in their books. As readers rate books, those book characteristics they enjoyed will be in their reading preferences and as they browse the store, books with similar characteristics will be given higher priority in search results.
  • Easier Advertising – When you create ads for your books in WRingle, those book characteristics mentioned above will automatically be connected to your ads, so which ads appear before readers will also be dictated by their reading habits.
  • Secure ARC Distribution – No more sending files of your books to anyone! You can publish a book in WRingle – either as private or pre-order – and distribute free copies to whomever requests them OR only to your Review Team. The ARC will go directly to their WRingle WReader and will not be permitted to be exported or downloaded from the WRingle WReader.
  • Review Read Status – Anyone can leave a review on a book in WRingle (except pre-orders – ONLY those who have been given the ARC in their WRingle WReader can leave reviews on pre-orders). However, no matter what review is posted, the actual read status on a book is also posted with the review. So if someone only reads 10% of a book and posts a 5-star review, the community can weigh whether that review actually means something. Reviews can be filtered to show only 100% completed read status. Who cares if someone bought a book (e.g., “verified purchase”). We want to know if they actually READ the book!
  • Detailed Book Stats – All authors will automatically see how many units they sold/distributed of their books published in WRingle. But for a low subscription, you can also see how many pages have been read AND by the number of readers (e.g. 6000 pages consumed by 12 readers), % of books read, rated and reviewed at each price point (e.g., FREE: 1321 books distributed – 75% have been completed, 97% of read books rated, 15% of read books reviewed), and more.

What are you waiting for????

I hope by this point you’re as excited as we are about WRingle. As of this post (3/7/2019), we are in development and ramping up for our Kickstarter Campaign, which is TENTATIVELY planned for an May/June launch.

But we can’t build WRingle until we have the funds! This means we need you to not only help us by funding at the Kickstarter campaign, but help us spread the word. No donation is too small! Even $10 will get you incentive goodies and we’ll be having a giveaway to encourage sharing! The more you share, the more chances you’ll have to win some prizes!

WHEN we get the funding to build WRingle (being positive here!), we’re looking at going into testing *crosses fingers* by the beginning of 2020.

By the way – for those who enjoy the WReader but would rather not socialize, you can turn off the social features in WRingle. So this app is for all book lovers!

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What do YOU think?

Does the idea of having a social media platform tied in with an eReader and bookstore appeal to you? Are there things you wish Amazon, Facebook, GoodReads and your Kindle/Kobo/Nook/Apple Books eReaders could do, but don’t?? Tell us in the comments below!

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